Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Search, Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Amish community meets the English world in a tale that has so many turns and twists it is amazing. Secretive and sweet Lainey O'Toole ends up in the one town that forever changed her life as a child - to face the split second decision she made one night when she thought no one could see. Bertha Reihl, an elderly widow, and owner of Rose Hill Farm is out on a mission to set right the events of the past and to restore her shunned brother to the Amish community and bring a lost soul back to the flock of God. Jonah Reihl had left home after a buggy accident had killed his young wife 15 years ago with the baby he thought was his daughter. Being convinced to come back he is now forced to face the past, and is set to make a decision to open his heart to love again. Bess Reihl, the wispy yellow haired 15 year old "daughter" of Jonah is visiting Bertha ("Mammi") not knowing that in this summer she would go from child to young woman and she would be the glue and example for those around her.

This book is filled with a theme of God's grace and forgiveness - and the freedom that comes from personal forgiveness. I loved the fact that forgiveness was so central that in the midst of this story so many are faced with the choice to forgive the "unforgivable" - the one who refuses to ask for or accept forgiveness. This is the true test of one's faith - and unfortunately is the one area of forgiveness that most of us stuggle with.

Thank you Revell/Baker Publishing for this review copy.

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  1. Hi Abbie! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing "The Search." You really put a lot of thought into the summary...I'm very grateful! Thanks for pointing out the theme of forgiveness. Warmly, Suzanne Fisher