Friday, January 28, 2011

iShine NLT Bible, Tyndale

This is a pocket size, soft simulated leather bible with a rock-n-roll boy on the front. The blue and orange colors are age appropriate for tweens and teens. It is designed for those difficult tween years. I thought it was very well layed out. I am partial to having the words of Christ in red and this bible does not have this. However I really liked the fact that it opens with a page that states: "Who you are matters, Why you are matters, What you do matters, You matter to God" it then points them to color inserts scattered through the bible. These inserts are titled: Section 1 - You have value, Section 2 - You have a unique identity in Christ, Section 3 - You have a purpose to fulfill. Each of these have a link to a video and a short lesson or devotional. I think it is great for teens and will help them with the questions that are central to so many us - Do we matter, Do we have a purpose, Are we special.

Great purchase for your tween son.
Thank you Tyndale for this review copy

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