Saturday, January 29, 2011

Words, Ginny L. Yttrup

The simple title holds such powerful truth. For in this book we find that young Kaylee seeks the memorization of words to escape the terrible reality of life around her - they are her voice when she is unable to speak. Words are her friends when she has none to comfort her. While Sierra a woman tormented by her own failures and shackled by her self-loathing and regret at her choices uses words to express in art her soul's deepest yearning and her heart's deepest fears.

In a dungeon of anger, self-hate and unforgiveness Sierra has locked out others in her life. She is so blinded by her accuser that she can not see the free gift of grace and love lying at her feet, she can not hear it in her best friend's conversation or her parent's concern. She can not bear the thought of coming face to face with herself and her choices that led to the loss of the most precious gift given to a woman.

Kaylee abused and neglected clings to her dictionary and reads the words soaking them up as food. They are her escape in the middle of the attacks perpetrated on her, they are her solace in times of loneliness, they are her comfort in moments of fear. She stores them in a mental file cabinet - a security blanket from the horrendous life of abuse she endures day after day.

These two are drawn together by divine design. Their paths cross and The Word is released into their lives in His fullest power. For it is this Word (Christ) in whom freedom is found. Through the prayer and constant watering of the word Sierra is re-introduced to the Savior she had shut out and is healed and set free. In turn The Word is released in her life and overflows into Kaylees eventually leading to redemption and restoration.

This is a highly emotional, well-written story. Although is specifically deals with sexual abuse and drug use I believe that the truth of the power of the Word is applicable to any woman with a wounded spirit - and their are many. Throughout the book the author points to the fact that The Truth sets us free. God's grace and love is so prevalent in this book that it would be difficult to read it and overlook God's great love and compassion for each of us no matter our past mistakes, our circumstances, those terrible lies spoken to us, or those things done to us that were beyond our control. It is evident that this author experienced God's grace first hand. She has done an excellent job at penning a story that is very healing to a shattered heart.

Thank you B&H Publishing for this review copy.

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