Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marriage, It's in Your Hands, Bobby L. Sneed

This book has been written in a time when it's message is crucial. The institute of marriage has long been under attack by the enemy and is more so now. I read this book a long side a book titled "Raising Sons and loving it". Both presented the issues facing men in particular in fulfilling their God-given roles in life. I had not given much thought, as a woman, about the issues that men face. I knew there was ample information on women's issues and raising daughters. I then began to wonder about my boys - How could I best equip them to be Godly men - How could I make the scripture more applicable in their lives. In this book Bobby Sneed begins with a confession of a failed marriage. I was very impressed with his statements about his responsibility in this and that "God placed me in the position to be the leader and manager of the relationship, which made me responsible for the well-being of our marital relationship/So, as the man, I take full responsibility of my marriage...".
The author makes no excuses to holding men and women to the biblical standards of the marriage covenant while not being legalistic or dogmatic. I appreciate the way he handles each subject and coaches the reader into a deeper knowledge of the original biblical intent for marriage.
While pointing out common pitfalls and mistakes, and lies of the enemy Bobby Sneed does an excellent job in encouraging and exhorting Christians to reach for the blessings God has intended for this most beautiful institution called marriage.
Men - you may find this book a little convicting. Stick with it - for if you do you will also find the encouragement and the tools to better yourself. After visiting with the author he stated that he would have a later work dealing with a woman's role in marriage since this is not highly touched on this work.
Very good.
thank you Bobby Sneed for this review copy.
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