Thursday, January 27, 2011

Health Care You Can Live With, Dr. Scott Morris

Dr Scott Morris is the founder of the Church Health Center in Memphis, TN. Dissatisfied with the quality of health care offered, Dr. Morris set out to set a new standard of health care. He chose to approach health care through the eyes of the Great Physician - seeing not only the symptoms but looking into the cause of these things. He set out to change health care one patient at a time by investing in that person as an individual creation of God, valued by God, and loved beyond measure. By addressing not only the physical symptoms but the spiritual and emotional well-being of the person Dr. Morris taught how to treat the physical by also treating the spiritual and emotional. In no way or at no time does the author undermine or negate the need for medical professionals but does call into question the use of simply treating the symptoms for the sake of a temporary fix. This is an excellent book with great personal stories of God's power in the lives of individuals.
Thank you Barbour and B&B Communications for this review copy.

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