Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Names of God, Ann Spangler

I had picked this book up several times thinking I should study it. Each time I put it back on the shelf. However, when I began to review books for Zondervan this was one I chose to review.

I was absolutely stunned by the clarity and beauty that Ann Spangler revealed about the 52 names of God. This study is meant to draw the reader closer to God - into a holy place of His presence. The reader is invited to discover attributes and characteristics of God that they may never have thought about before. It is evident that Ann Spangler did her research into the original Hebrew language and the scriptural meaning of each name. Each of the 52 names is explained and clearly defined and key scripture is given for each name. There is a section called "studying the name" that invites readers into a closer look at the name and the meaning - to see how that name applies to them and effects their life.

If you are searching for that deeper more intimate relationship with God - then study Him, search out the infinite wisdom of His word.

Absolutely amazing.

Thank you Zondervan for this review copy.

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