Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Shadow of Evil, Robin Caroll

In this suspense/love novel unsolved murders and mysterious fires abound. Layla Taylor, a female contractor, finds herself in the middle of a mysterious chain of events - and she is one of the suspects of the crimes. As she tries to uncover the truth behind the terrible mysteries she finds herself the target of the criminal. She and her sister Alana must learn to face their greatest fears and Layla's faith is put to a test that she did not think she could pass. Thrown into her path is a rugged, rough edged detective with a tender heart, Maddox Bishop. Hiding his own secrets and held in the bondage of ineffectiveness and hurt his is driven to be the best detective. That is until his world is forever changed by the strong, independent yet soft Layla Taylor. Quickly she turns from a key suspect to the woman he loves and desires so much to protect. Both are forced to face the unforgiveness that keeps them shackled and to face and reconcile their face past. To win the heart and love of Layla Maddox is brought into the presence of God by her continual forgiveness and genuine concern for others. He must make a decision to surrender to God and accept His blessings or turn his back on what might be.

Truly a great novel.

Thank you B&H for the review copy.

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