Thursday, January 27, 2011

Radical, David Platt

It's the orange book with the upside down face - the eye catching one that makes you wonder what's inside. The picture of the upside down house is exactly the idea of this book - it will turn your ideas, your world, your spiritual house upside down. Those beliefs that have been long ingrained in you since a child sitting on a pew will be tossed out the window. What you have held as the standard for Christianity will be turned on it's head. The standards you held will be lifted to a new level and that level brings a freedom that you will be excited to have.

This is one of those books that as I read I find myself getting excited! This is a great book of motivation. David Platt challenges Christians to embrace their true freedom in Christ - One not regulated by church covenants or religious have too's.
The reader is pushed toward understanding and pursuing God's standard and in that is true happiness. If you are ready to jump out of the stagnant luke warm water and into something hot and fresh, If you are ready to be consumed by Christ and fully surrender to His will - this is the book to read. Live radically, live fresh, live free - experience all Christ has for you.

Thank you Multnomah/Waterbrook for this review copy.

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