Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Imagination Station, Voyage with the Vikings, Marianne Hering

Wonderful chapter reader for children! If your children like the Adventure in Odyssey series they will love this book of adventure and excitement. Children are quickly drawn into a lively tale of viking adventures. They meet Leif Erikson and are set out on a mission to fine a sunstone before he sets sail with the Imagination Station on board - will they make it? The story is well-written and easy to read. My oldest boy was so excited to receive it in the mail and could not wait to begin reading. The children are confronted with many challenges and opportunities to share about God when they meet Erik the Red. Erik is angry about the new god that challenges his current beliefs. However the story has a redemptive and happy ending. Faith and courage prevail as is always the case in Adventures in Odyssey. I love the fact that children are absorbing good morals and values without even realizing it - for once the parent doesn't have to be the only one stating these things. Children are invited to see what these things are in action.

Excellent book. Thank you Tyndale for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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