Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Organized Home Schooler, Vicki Caruanna

This is a wonderfully insightful book. Rather than just simply a "how-to" book of organization it challenges the reader to make a heart change and mind change. I think it would be difficult to find any home schooler that does not want organization in their lives and schooling process. However the challenge is that for many of us this seems to fall apart after a few weeks. This books points out that often the desire is not heart felt but rather an obligatory feeling of needing to be as organized as the next person. I enjoyed the light style of this book. Vicki was in no way condemnatory or uppity, but was helpful and insightful. She truly put forth the effort to edify and encourage home schoolers to a new way of thinking that in turn creates order by pointing the reader to the Creator. She does offer practical advice and ideas that can be implemented into ones life. I found this book extremely easy to read, in fact I read it in one setting. I have gone back since to read over certain section. I most enjoyed the fact that she did not try to make herself appear to be a perfect home school mom.

I recommend this book for others. I received this as a review copy from Crossway Publications.

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