Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raising Sons and Loving it!, Gary & Carrie Oliver

The Oliver's have written an excellent resource about raising sons using their own experience of having three boys of their own. I thought the book was very well layed out. It is evident the Oliver's spent much time doing research on the subject as well as prayer. I did not realized the vast difference in the amount of information available on the subject of men's issues or raising boys compared to that of women's and raising daughters. I found this very interesting a little disturbing as men are supposed to be the leaders of families.

I also found the statistics presented in this book to be informative and interesting. During the first few chapters a knot developed in my throat as I realized how important the battle was for our sons. The information presented gives a bleak picture of boyhood. However, the Oliver's do an excellent job of pointing out that Christ is the answer and the example to the problem. The book was encouraging while not cutting any corners or making excuses for bad behavior. It is very matter of fact in some areas, yet very personable.
Thank you Zondervan for this review copy.

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