Monday, March 21, 2011

150 Secrets to a Happy Wife, Joe Gumm

This book was great. I laughed out loud as I read it. Joe Gumm is so honest about his experiences in life. His candor and wit was very much appreciated. I think, even in the humor that these things are presented it is a helpful book. Husbands and wives would both benefit from reading it. I think I will make it required reading for my sons when they get older. The things presented are simple, yet they would have a profound effect on relationships if put into place. One of my favorites is Do the Laundry. Gumm explains to the husband that this is one job that is never done for a woman - she picks up everyone's dirty socks, clothes, unders, and washes them, puts them up only to have to pick them up again after they are worn. He suggests that the husband do the laundry correctly for his wife. This is a great read!!! It would make an excellent gift for a newly engaged or married couple.

Thank you sourcebooks for this review copy.

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