Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Amid the Ashes, Mesu Andrews

This is the most unique biblical romance I have read! I found myself looking back into the scripture to refresh my memories of the story of Dinah and Job. Never would I have thought to intertwine these two stories into one. However, Mesu Andrews has done an excellent job at just that. Immediately ones heart is drawn toward Dinah. In my years of reading her account I had neither judged her poorly or greatly. I had just taken the story at face value, never considering the possibility that Dinah truly loved the Prince that was so brutally murdered. I certainly had not thought about the weight of shame that Dinah carried from that moment forward. The truth that is brought to her through Job is wonderful. One is invited to see first hand the healing power of God's forgiveness. One of my favorite parts is when Dinah is faced with a man who despises her and Job gently reminds her that no one can take away God's forgiveness only we can forfiet it. This book is laced with biblical truths that can quickly and easily be applied to anyones's life. After reading this fictional account you will never be able to read either story again with out deeply feeling each word and appreciating the plight of these two even more. Nor can one finish this book without having a deep understanding of God's restorative, healing and forgiving powers. In fact in more than one place the plan of salvation is presented. My hat is off to Mesu Andrews, I hope to read more of her books in the future.

Thank you Revell for this review copy.

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