Friday, March 4, 2011

Handle with Prayer, Charles Stanley

Another beautifully well-written book by Charles Stanley. This is an updated version of a previously released book. I believe that he is one the best preachers and authors on biblical matter of this era. His heart and devotion for the things of God is so evident in his writing. In this book he encourages believers in the endeavors of prayer. Teaching them how to pray with authority, receive the answers to prayers (even when these are not the expected, anticipated or desired results), how to pray God's will (using very in depth scripture reference), How to pray for others according to scripture and why it seems that prayers sometimes go unanswered. I really appreciate the new study guide included in this version of the book. This offers additional helps and opens this up to be used in a group study setting. As always Charles Stanley has an easy manner in expounding the scriptures so that it is easily applicable to everyone who reads it. This is a must have addition to your library on prayer!
Thank you B&B for this review copy.

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