Friday, March 4, 2011

The Titus Mandate, Ted Bigelow

This book reads like a doctorate thesis. It is almost as if the author has chosen a subject matter to defend and explain. In spite of this the book is very well written. I am curious to know if he is using "elders" and "deacons" interchangably since there is signifigant biblical proof that these two are very different areas of service. I will say that Ted Bigelow presents compelling and concise evidence of the need for church reformation and change - a total make-over. I agree with his assesments of the church of today and the need for a closer look at the Titus Mandate. I would highly recommend this for church leaders and teachers for review. If you are looking for a great review and study of Titus this is it! Your view of the church will be changed and hopefully this will encourage each reader to do his/her part in the rescue, protection and restoration of the church and its leaders.
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