Thursday, April 7, 2011

As Long as We Both Shall Live: Study Guide and DVD, Dr. Smalley and Ted Cunnigham

The book, Study Guide and DVD are each sold seperately but are most certainly worth the purchase for all 3. I think the best use of this material is in its complete set allthough they may each be used seperately.

This study guide is a wonderful resource to use with the book by the same title. As the cost is very affordable I would recommend purchasing both. This is excellent for small groups but is equally enjoyable and beneficial for personal couple study. If you are seeking to strengthen your marriage through scripture study this is an excellent study. In it you will explore the gap between what you expected from marrieage and what actually came to be. I think this should be required for engaged couples as it invites couples to explore their expectations in light of the scripural expectations so that they are not disenchanted or discouraged with marriage. This book helps to strengthen a marriage's foundation - turning the focus on what is biblical instead of what society (movies, stories, tales) have painted marriage to be.

I would thoroughly recommend this book, study and Dvd to all couples if you want to truly understand the impact our expectations have on our married lives and how to reconcile the unmet expectations we face. The book is very easy to read. At times I was amazed at how the applications and illustrations so closely mirrored some of the seasons of my married life. This can truly be a blessing for couples who whoose to reach for a closer walk with Christ and their mate.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review material.

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