Thursday, April 7, 2011

From Anger to Intimacy Leaders Kit

Churches, small group leaders, Family Ministers - this one is worth the $99.00 price tag. I must say hats off to Gospel Light for producing a cost effective, all-inclusive kit! This one has the Leaders Guide, Hardcover book, DVD and not one but SIX study guides! This is a deal that absolutely can not be beat anywhere. Most kits do not include the six study guides or a hardcover book and cost over $100.00.

Look past the title - do not let pride mislead you - this is a must read - we ALL of buttons that can be pushed! This book is highly convicting to those seeking Christ's direction and sharpening in their lives. It exposes the very sin nature of acting on unrighteous anger - and all of us do it - is is our fleshly first instinct and must be brought under control of the Holy Spirit. I have quickly become a fan of these two authors and now own many of their most recent works thanks to being able to review them for the publisher. This one is no less impressive than the first - I have already handed it out to others I know.

In addition to this incredibly insightful book this kit comes with the equally great study guides. These challenge couples to take a close look at their individual issues with anger. I know some people think they don't have any anger issues - after all you don't blow up and throw a screaming tantrum or throw stuff across the room - that's an anger problem isn't it? But what about pouting, or running away from the issue. We all have buttons that get pushed, secret insecurities, hidden hurts. This study guide and DVD explores these issues and challenges couples to face these things and overcome them - leading to a more fulfilling marriage!

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy!

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