Monday, April 18, 2011

Dancing on Glass, Pamela Binnings Ewen

Set in the historic city of New Orleans in the 70's this story of love, obsessions, attempted murder, betrayal and restoration keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. Strong willed and determined Amalis Catoir is studying law and working at a cafe downtown at night. Her loving parents worry constantly about her and have asked a childhood friend named Jude to watch over her when he is in the city between his job on the water. On her way to work one rainy night Amalise finds herself in a local art studio looking at the paintings. She had no way of knowing that this stop by the studio would change her life forever and would set her on a terrifying road. It is there that she meets Phillip Sharp, a man that has an almost electric pull on Amalise. Before she fully understands her decisions she finds herself seduced by this man. This story had my stomach in knots as it revealed the sadistic evil character of Phillip Sharp and his manipulative ways. I found myself almost angry that Amalise could not see the warning signs and did not flee the impending danger - I then found myself sick at the thought the possible endings. This is an excellent story and now I am interested in reading the previous novels by this author.

Special thanks to B&H Publishing for this review copy.

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