Monday, April 18, 2011

A Heart Most Worthy, Siri Mitchel

Fleeing from anarchist that had murdered her father Luciana seeks refuge in Boston's north end among immigrants and peasants. There she tries to leave behind her nobility and forget the privileges of that rank and life. She seeks to blend and be unnoticed in the dirty, overpopulated streets of the north end. Each day she spends her energy staying hidden ever searching for the murderous man that is hunting her down. In dire straights she seeks employment to make a meager living. By divine appointment she finds herself in Madame Fortier's shop. Little does she know how her life will soon be entwined in Madame's (who is also holding a secret that drives her). On that day she had no way of knowing that her employment would lead to the freedom of Madame to be herself, nor did she know that this place of employment would lead to her being found by her enemy and in her finding love. In this building Luciana finds herself two unlikely friends - Julietta and Annamaria. Both of these girls are also on the road of reconciling who they want to be and what is expected of them to be. This book is endearing from the start. One can not help but feel as if you know each of these girls. I really enjoyed Siri Mitchel's writing style as it reminded me of Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott in different ways. Most certainly worth the read I highly recommend it.

Thank you Bethany House Publishing for this review copy.

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