Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Deepest Waters, Dan Walsh

This is a wonderful read. The story is so bitterly sweet in many ways. Newly married John and Laura set off on their honeymoon aboard the great ship SS Vandervere. Little did they know that this would be more than a leisurely sail across the ocean, but that it would be the testing of faith and love. I really enjoyed Dan Walsh's ability to interweave so many lives into this story. In fact I barely wanted to put it down. However, in the end I have to say I was sadly disappointed in how this author tied everything up. I felt there was much of the story left unsaid and many loose ends. After being reunited with family and loved ones the author closes very quickly with the fact that John and Laura return to their life across the states. There seems to be a lot of loose ends - unfinished business, unanswered questions that would make the story more wholesome. For instance: What did John do that so greatly embarrassed his family?, What's up with the dad?, Why was there such friction between the brothers?, Was there reconciliation or change in any of them? I am now curious as to whether all of Dan Walsh's stories end this way or if he is planning to make a sequel to this one. Again, this is a beautiful, heart touching story. Many good themes are in it: Forgiveness (demonstrated by Micah), true contentment (again demonstrated by Micah), where true freedom comes from (yes, Micah again), the sustaining power of love (Demonstrated by John), Humility and kindness (Micah and Laura). A very good book until the end.
Thank you Revell for this review copy.

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