Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bad Girls of the Bible, and What We Can Learn From Them, Lizz Curtis Higgs

I like almost anything that Lizz Curtis Higgs writes. She has a sense of humor and Wit that makes her stories and studies very enjoyable to read. Once you begin this book it is hard to put it down! Lizz Curtis Higgs explores the "Bad girls of the bible" and what each of us can glean from their mistakes and triumphs. The overall theme is one of the redeeming love of Christ. Though some of these women chose to stay in the desolation of sin there are others that were deemed unworthy and "bad" only to prove their great value to Christ. There are valuable lessons stashed away in the stories of these biblical women - if it were not so God would not have allowed their stories to be preserved in His holy word. The Bible study that follows each chapter encourages the reader to explore deeper the truths found in the study of these women. Lizz Curtis Higgs makes the study of all these women both enjoyable and informative.

Thank you Waterbrook for this review copy.

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