Monday, April 25, 2011

Hailey Twitch and the Campground Itch, Lauren barnholdt

This short chapter book is just the right size for 2nd grade and up. The words are large print and the illustrations are great! Haily Twitch is the younger sister of Kaitlyn and she is constantly up to something. In this book Haily is going on a camping trip with her parents, her friend, and her sister and sister's friend, Maya. Hailey thinks Maya is a bossy big kid. To add to this mix of mischief is Hailey's little magical fairy Maybelle who is trying to learn to control her magic. This is a recipe for disaster - and that is just what fills these pages. Both of my elementary children enjoyed the book. The story was easy and enjoyable to read. The only thing that I disliked about this book were the use of some slang words and the use of the Lord's name in vain. I marked these out in the book as they did not add to the story (and marking them out did not distract from the story). Other than this the book is great. It is perfectly suited for early elementary age students who are beginning to read chapter books.

Thank you Sourceboks for this review copy.

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