Monday, April 25, 2011

The Thirteenth Gift, Charlene Costanzo

Stones - simple stones of varying shapes and sizes, colors and texture - Stored in boxes, and drawers or carried in pockets. What causes us to lean over as we walk down a beach or on a trail in the woods to pick up these small things? This story explores this very thing.

Claire is a traveling journalist on assignment overseas while her marriage disinegrates on home soil. In her pursuit of her career she has neglected those things most dear. During a drive in the country she is invited into the home of an older woman to listen to a story that will forever alter her life. This sweet story told by the old lady is easily retold to children - who will appreciate it very much. In these pages we are reminded that God has made each of us with wonderful gifts. Each of us is precious and valuable!

I encourage you to read this book and discover the royal gifts - and finally the fourteenth gift.

Special thanks to the author and Nettie Hartsock of Booth Media Group for this review copy.

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