Thursday, April 7, 2011

Women God's Secret Weapon, Ed Silvoso

This is an astounding book! I found it really enjoyable to read as far as the relaxed reading style. Silvoso explores the value of women in his new book. Any woman who is feeling that they are not important or vital to the kingdom work would benefit from this book. Silvoso shows how God has a specefic and special purpose for women in this world in the spiritual battles of the time. He shows how women where specifically designed for certain tasks in the kingdom work and how they are truelly essential to the plan God has put in motion. I do however have one reservation about this book. This is that the author seems to stretch the meaning of some scripture. At some points even taking some scriptures out of context in order to make it fit his agenda. Although I most full heartily agree that women are created for a specific purpose in the kingdom work, I do not think they hold a higher use than men.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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