Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Dawn, Kathryn Cushman

Reading the back of the book does not even hint at the true topic of this book. I found this to be difficult to read as it is a topic that is close to home for myself.

Grace Graham is known for running every time life gets a little difficult. She would rather relocate than face those things that make her uncomfortable. This has caused her to be estranged from her family after her mother's death. After be called out on this by her sister she agrees to come home with her son Dylan to take care of her father following his knee surgery.

Although there are other issues to be dealt with the main is that of vaccinations. Kathryn Cushman has written an excellent book on this very hot and very debatable topic. Grace's choice not to immunize her son leads to devastating consequences when he develops measles and exposes his infant cousin and other children in the church nursery. This sets the scene for a melt-down and the opportunity for Grace to stand firm.

I appreciate the apparent research Kathryn Cushman did in writing this story. During this trial Grace learns about love, courage, forgiveness and what she is truly made of. The story is rich and full of interesting characters.

Thank you Bethany House for this review copy.

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