Friday, May 13, 2011

The Christian Life, Jim Burns

Looking for a contemporary bible study that explores what it means to be a Christian? Wanting to help your youth group or your own child explore who God really is and what He really thinks about them?

Look no further! This book fits the bill. I am a huge fan of Jim Burns' material and have found this one to be as excellent as all his other material.

As usual Burns' addresses the very things teens wonder about in a practical, matter of fact way that makes teens stop and take note. Teens want to know what should matter the most in their lives, they question what their signifigance is in the big sceme of things, they wander about God and what He thinks about them (does He even care about what is going on in their lives, does He really love them, does He listen and understand them?). In this study Burns' gives you the very tools you need to answer these faith altering questions. In this study teens will begin to fortify their foundation in Christ, or will begin to build a new foundation.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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