Friday, May 13, 2011

Every Single Woman's Battle, Shannon Ethridge

This is the workbook that is meant to be read with the book Every Woman's Battle. I found it to be an excellent workbook when used with the book. As a stand alone study it encourages single women to pursue a virtous life in thought and deed - recognizing the pull of sexual compramise. The one thing I liked was the fact that this explored the issue of what sex means to a woman - that it is more than the physical act but is also very emotional. To compramise sexually is to compramise emotionally as well. The ramifications are long-lasting and often times devasting. I especially liked the theme of "guarding one's heart" as this is truly the route that must be taken to maintain sexual integrity in a highly phornographic and sexually charged society where all things go. I highly recommend this for young ladies entering a world outside their parents home. I believe it would be an encouragement to them to gaurd the most precious thing by gaurding their hearts - from which life and death are issued. For it is in this most sacred place that we make all decisions - and what we allow into our hearts will determine our abibility to fully rest in the Savior.

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