Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fully Engaged, How to Do less & BE more, John Busacker

In today's high speed society of doing more and getting more this book calls for some self examination of what drives us. If you feel that life is speeding by, filled with things and action - yet at night you feel unfulfilled and longing for meaning this book is the one to read.

In his book Busacker explores how we can do less in life and be more - an oxymoron in the truest since. For we are taught from birth to have a desire for more, more, more. Somehow we become engaged in a race for more things, more activities, more work, more service and yet we end the day feeling that all is lost - nothing has meaning. Though we have achieved the next promotion or pay raise, though we have acquired the cars and the house, though we serve on every committee at church we still feel driven to do more in order to find the feeling of contentment we truly long for - that feeling of having achieved.

Busacker begins the book with a thought-provoking statement: " Life worth is the investment you make into and the return you receive". This is stated after the acknowledgement that most of us live by the net worth of ourselves as the standard of achievement rather than life worth. This seems simple enough but really is quite a radical thought in today's society. The simplicity is shockingly profound - we are worth what we invest (emotionally and spiritually) in life not what we gain in materials. Our worth is in God and in living out God's will in an active, totally sold out way!

In addressing how BE more by Doing Less Busacker explores 3 major themes:
1. Awareness: living life with purpose. Knowing your worth, sharing your story, and doing what matters.

2. Alignment: How does what you have and what you do match with what you want.
I especially like this section as it calls us to be actively, totally involved in all parts of our life - having a passion to enjoy every moment and make in worthwhile.

3. Action: How do you move forward.

The over all theme is to live life with a directed purpose - to get the most out of every moment and make every moment count.

I recently read on a friends Facebook wall the following statement, "What good is it to own my own business and get everything I've ever wanted when I'm never home to enjoy any of it - or too tired when I am home".

The comments following his were a sad statement of striving for net worth instead of life worth: "One day you'll enjoy all of it", "It will be worth it when you retire", "Hard work is a great thing - you've never shied away from a challenge".

As you see the drive is more, more, more. Yet my friend made a profoundly simple statement - What good is it when I'm never home to enjoy it?

When I read this book I immediately thought of him - net worth without life worth is really worthless. He has more and does more - but in the end actually has less because he can't be fully and purposefully engaged in making the most of his life.

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