Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pitch Black, Melody Carlson

Morgan's life has always seemed tough but in one week it seems to spin utterly out of control and a black cloud of thickening despair settles over her. With her parents divorce everything seemed to spiral into a darkening abyss. Her older brother became involved in the drug scene so much that she installed a dead-bolt on her door. Then to make matters worse her 40 something mom starts to dress like a teen and dates a younger man.

With the announcement of their marriage Morgan could not imagine that her life could get much more chaotic. In fact by now she had formed a firm opinion that being in youth group and knowing God never helped her. The more her life shatters around her the more that opinion solidifies itself in her heart.

However, little did Morgan know that morning she woke up for school that this would be the pivotal week of her life. That in this week Morgan would discover some soul-shattering truths about herself, God and life in general.

When her best friend commits suicide Morgan must decide if life is bearable, if God is worth counting on. While learning more about herself and exploring the depths of the darkness of Satan's pull and evils despair she also learns more about the one true God. Searching for answers everywhere she trudges through the weekend, discovering bit by bit the reasons that her friend committed suicide. And as if things were not already overwhelming Morgan feels absolutely suffocated by a sense of guilt for not being able to prevent the tragedy.

This novel is true to life and a little gritty. However, each of us needs to be totally honest with ourselves - as teens we all felt over whelmed at times. And if we were to be absolutely honest with ourselves (even if we never admit it out loud) some of us have questioned just like Morgan early in faith if knowing God has really helped to bring a since of order in our lives (after all there is a certain security in the midst of storms that is only developed through the storms and as we mature spiritually).

In today's increasingly evil and oppressive society teens are faced with a myriad of issues. Sometimes as parents we don't like to admit that they too may face the issue of suicide. Either through a friend or as a personal contemplation - the question to be answered: Is it worth it? In this book Melody Carlson explores just this - with a fresh look at scripture. I appreciate the true to life aspects of this book and am sure that it will guide more and more teens out of the bondage's of suicidal thought into the realm of victorious living through Jesus Christ.

Though it explores the darkest depths of despair it also illuminates the greatest heights of faith. Teaching a great lesson that suicide is never God's plan - and that if resorted to you will never see the light dispel the darkness, you will never see the Son break through the clouds of your despair, you will never see God work something beautiful out of the tattered and torn life you currently live. And most of all you will never experience the amazing power of God when he takes something shattered and redeems it to something more extraordinary.

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