Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Book of God's Amazing Animals

This is written for grades 1 through 6th grade. It would work equally well in a church setting or a home school setting. I am going to use it for my children (grades Pre-school, PreK 4, 3rd and 5th) next year. I found that though it says it is for the grades 1 through 6 most of the lessons can be worked for younger children too.

For home school purposes this would work excellent as a supplement to a science curriculum or as the traditional bible time. The book is filled with 52 lessons on interesting animals that will be sure to catch a child's attention and give them an appreciation for God's divine creativity.

Each animal teaches a lesson such as accepting others, anger, arguing, craving God's word, bearing others burdens, peacemaking, and worship. Children will easily grasp the lessons as they relate them to certain animals. I think this is a unique approach to teaching - every time a child sees a gorilla the lesson about anger will come to mind. What better way to instill in our children the importance of God's word than to give them a visual trigger that will make them recall His unchanging word and it's application to life.

I really like the "Discover Page" that is filled with neat information and fun facts and the verse for the lesson. I found that these pages make great worksheets for the children to color and keep so that they can re-visit each lesson and put into action the things they learn.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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