Thursday, June 9, 2011

ReCreate Your World: Find your Voice, Shape the Culture, Change the World; Ron Luce

Empower your teens to stand strong in a sex and violence saturated culture. Give them the tools to battle the enemy with courage! It is one thing to pray over our children and quite another thing to actively train them for battle. This is their fight as much as ours - it is their lives that will shape the future of this world. They are the voice of the coming years and it is their dreams that will shape the world to come.

I loved the statement found on page 36.."The media is stealing hours of your lie that you spend watching their stuff. Instead of being a dreamer and changing the world, you are watching someone else's dreams and being entertained by it." This is an echo from the parent geared book ReCreate by the same author in which is writes, "Dare to dream a dream for your children".

Help your children realize the potential they have as children of God to shape and change this world. Help them to break the disillusionment that they must just wade through the muck that the world throws out - just satisfied with surviving the torrent of attacks. Let us help our children take up their sling and stone and slay the giants of this world through the power of Christ Jesus.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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