Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In The Lick of Time, Pam Kumpe

Pam Kumpe is breaking into a new realm of writing with this children's book. A local of New Boston, Texas she is a writer for a local paper, speaker, and great friend to many. She has a dynamic personality and looks at life through comedy and scripture - meet her in person and you will be introduced to the world in a whole new way!

This children's book is filled with bright boisterous illustrations and sweet readable text. It follows the journeys of a self-proclaimed fashion expert sheep and a tossed off raggedy stray of a dog. Priscilla, simply called Silla, decides that Schade, the misfit stray needs a make-over and that she is the one to do it. In the midst of making Schade her new project a visitor comes to the shepherds with a life changing proclamation: The birth of a Savior. This leads Silla and Schade on a journey that will forever change them both. Lugging a huge suitcase and her lipstick she drags Schade along with her. On the way they face all sorts of adventures and learn new things about themselves. In the end they both find out what kind of make-over is really needed - and it has nothing to do with lipstick, hair products, brushes, or accessories - it's a matter of who you know and by whom you are known - it's a heart issue.

Thanks Pam Kumpe - thanks for this copy! It has quickly become one of my children's favorites!

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