Sunday, June 19, 2011

Double Take, Melody Carlson

In this coming of age story two girls from two very different worlds collide. In a classic switch-a-roo they decide to change places for a week. In this week they will discover things about themselves they did not know as well as learn the truth of what really matters in this world.

Madison Van Buren is the only daughter of divorced parents. From the time she was born she has gotten everything a girl could want. Now at seventeen she is feeling pressured from all sides to do what everyone wants. Her mother wants her to spend spring break traveling with her and her grandmother, her father wants to take a road trip to an Ivy League College, her best friend Vivian wants her to come with her, and then there is her boyfriend Garrett. Sometimes she wishes that she could just get away.

Anna Fisher is an Amish girl who's heart is broken by the fact that her childhood boyfriend has left on his rumspringa and she feels that he will never return. She is restless and eager to find some sort of contentment. Then to her surprise and dismay she is told that she will be staying with her aunt in another community for the summer. The very aunt that she thinks is lazy. She is upset at the prospect of the summer.

While waiting in the city for her uncle Anna meets Madison. Agreeing to switch places the girls embark on a journey that will forever change their lives. This one week will lead to discovery and change for both girls as they find out what matters most in this world - and how to appreciate the blessings right in front of them.

Excellent store.

Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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