Thursday, June 9, 2011

Re Create, Ron Luce

I reviewed the study guide, DVD and book. Although the book is great on its own I believe the study guide and DVD enhance the overall experience. The DVD has for each session 4 small videos: an intro, one or two short videos, and the closing statements. I will say that the speaker, Don Luce, is not the most dynamic speaker, in fact I thought he looked a little uncomfortable in front of the camera (However, in his defense I, too, would be uncomfortable in front of a camera opposed to a live audience). However, it is evident in his speaking where his heart is. The other clips are absolutely astounding and will stick in the participants head for a long time afterward.

The book is a battle cry for parents to claim the hearts of their children. It has certainly made me more aware of the subtle attacks of the enemy. As a youth worker in our church I found this invaluable.

The following quote from the book sums up this book: " is imperative that you start actively working with your children at the youngest age to create a family culture that builds stability, sets expectations and ensures security in their hearts. As you children grow into teenagers, you want them to have a strong foundation so that you're not struggling to pull them out of the pit of hell to barely survive with your family intact"

Over and over again the author states the importance of the battle before us and the fact that we must be actively engaged in the lives of our children. Prior to having a teenager move in with us I had never given much thought to the impact of certain things on children since our children are structured according to scripture.

Thanks to Gospel Light for this review copy.

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