Saturday, June 25, 2011

Young and In Love, Ted Cunningham

I will say on the first page I wondered where this book was going. I am not for reckless dating and sudden marriage. However, this is not the purpose of this book at all - far from it. In fact Ted Cunningham is questioning the current status quo of marriageable age. Should one wait until all is perfect in life - the job, career, a house, school? Or should one pursue love and life together?

I married directly out of High School at the young age of 18. After 14 years of marriage 5 pregnancies and 4 healthy children and one on the way I can say it has been a blessing to be married to the one God intended for me for this many years. Many of my friends are just now beginning their families as they reach their early to mid 30's - some are just now considering marriage after they've finally completed college and gotten a career solidified. Though I see their reasoning - I can attest that the blessing of early marriage has meant a longer period of time with the one God chose for me. We have grown spiritually in the Lord side by side. We have pursued God's will in our marriage, parenting and personal lives. We have together faced joy and tragedy (in the loss of our baby Caleb) and we have seen God knit us together in an intimate and personal relationship with Him and each other.

This book attests to the fact that God had a plan in marriage. It was not that we take sex casual and "try on" different people until we find the right one. Nor was it for us to experience life and get it all together before settling down. God's intention for love and marriage is that two become one and in that relationship they experience life and grow together.

I am glad that this author has taken on such a touchy subject and is willing to challenge young men to Grow up and take responsibility - to leave behind the gaming systems, their parents home, their life of no responsibility, their ipods, mp3 players, and the Facebook world and to pursue God's will. Women too are challenged to leave behind romantic illusions and pursue God.

Regardless of age, God has one person for each person to marry. Find yours and follow God.

Thank you B&B Communications for this review copy.

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