Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Constantine Codex, Paul L. Maier

On a archaeological dig Shannon is disappointed at what she has unearthed, hoping to have found something of more value she decides to visit an old church built on ancient grounds. There in the dusty caverns of the library she comes across a codex (or letters) tucked into a book. Not knowing exactly what she has stumbled upon she asks to take the manuscript home with her for her husband Jon, a Professor and renowned author, to look at. Upon looking at it they find what appears to be an important manuscript that may rival the dead sea scrolls.

However, before they can discover more controversy over Jon's book erupts and threatens to tear apart their world as the Muslims declare a Fatwa on Jon. Thus the non stop action, suspense, twists and turns begin.

Though the plot is very well developed and the story line is good I found this book difficult for more to get involved in. In fact I had to begin it again several times after putting it back on my "to be read" shelf behind the other books there. It is no fault of the author - I believe those who enjoy books that are based on such themes would greatly enjoy this. The author has done an extraordinary job at developing every part of this book. The characters and plot are well developed and the descriptive nature is wonderful. One can actually imagine one's self in the places and feel the tension and excitement at each twist and turn.

If you read the Da Vinci Code you will love this book because it is similar only more action packed.

If you have read and enjoyed other books by this author I have no doubt you will enjoy this one also. I just expected something different and found it to be a little dry at parts.

Thank you to Glass Roads Public Relations for this review copy.

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