Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Book of Discipleship Basics

This is for ages 3rd to 6th grade and is divided into 52 small group lessons. The object of the book is to "build discipleship into kids' lives".

The lessons are meant for an hour long session but I found that they could easily be adapted to a shorter time frame if needed. Each lesson starts out with an overview of the lesson to be taught; including the Bible Basis, this has the bible verses to be studied, then the memory scripture.

The time is divided into "Get Started" - this is a hands on or object lesson, "Get it Together" - this brings in the scripture and shows how it relates to life, "Get Going" - this is closing time, the final thing is the take home page that is reproducible.

Also included is a CD-Rom with reproducible resources for use that enhance the lesson.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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