Saturday, July 9, 2011

Teen to Teen, Ron Luce and katie Luce

I became a Ron Luce fan after reviewing the book and DVD ReCreate. After being hooked by this revolutionary cry to recapture this generation I was eager to read anything else by this author.

So came the devotional Teen to Teen. In short this book is advice and encouragement from teens to teens. It deals with the issues that this generation faces in a direct and open manner. Each of the 145 devotional opens with a scripture then is followed by a devotional written by a teen. In these devotionals the scriptural application is laid out. I enjoyed it because I think the concept of being written by Godly teens to teens about the struggles they face and how God helped is of great magnitude. I know from personal experience that I much more enjoy a bible study about motherhood that is written by a woman who actually has children and not by a man who can never mother a child. So I think the impact of this devotional will be greater because of this.

Thank Gospel Light for this review copy.

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