Friday, September 9, 2011

Deadly Pursuit, Irene Hannon

I would love to sing rave reviews about this book, but I just can't. I did enjoy the overall theme and story line but could have done with out all the physical descriptions of how beautiful Alison was and how handsome he was. It seemed there was a lot of emphasis put on the physical attraction of these two - a little over the top for me. I found myself skipping over entire parts when they were together because I was tired of reading about the sweet scent of her silky hair as it brushed against his strong jaw and so on and so on.

That all set aside I loved the fact that the entire family was involved in the justice system in some way. I also like the suspense as the stalker advanced and they worked to discover the person behind everything. I also appreciated how this author wove in the message of God in the different characters and the message of life-sustaining faith.

Over all the plot and story are well written and developed. I think that those who love a sticky sweet romance and don't mind a little action and suspense will devour this book whole. For those who enjoy action and suspense but could leave or take the romance part this book may not be for you - as it wasn't for me. I do enjoy a good love story but not one based on the physical aspects of the other person.

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