Monday, September 12, 2011

Megan's Secrets, Mike Cope

From the opening page you are invited into a journey of joy and heartbreak. It is one of those journeys in which those along for the walk are brought closer to the throne of God and into a deeper understanding of His grace, love and mercy.

It is often those that seem most insignificant or cumbersome to the world that in that innocence of what the world labels "disability" we see the example of child-like faith. In these rare instances we are offered a personal glimpse of what heaven must truly be like - and what the heart of God is so desperately trying to communicate to the world.

Megan was one of those children. Though she spoke only a few words her silence spoke volumes. Maybe it was that very thing the world labels as a "disability" that enabled Megan to love more freely and more deeply. Maybe it was this very thing that allowed her life to be lived free of expectations and standards, religion or traditions of men - free from worry about others thoughts - free to be herself and to touch others in a profoundly deep and lasting way.

It is in this life that we are invited to throw off the weight of our expectations and to embrace the grace and love of God. To be both blessed freely and to bless freely without giving thought to what others may or may not think.

This is one of those books that when you read it your heart can not help but to be stirred to movement for Christ. It is one that reaches into the very depths of who we are as humans to touch that one place where there is a void and to open our eyes to the longing to know and experience Christ deeper and fuller.

Mike Cope has transparently lain open his heart and his life. He is honest about the struggles of raising a disabled child. He is honest about the heartbreak of that first diagnosis and the struggle to find the balance in life to cope and adjust. But more so this man is honest about the touch of God that could only have been brought through Megan's life. He reveals the deep truths of God that can only be experienced during the times of life that we so often think are difficult.

I strongly urge you to pick up a copy of this moving book and ask that the Lord speak to you as you read the testimony of this father.

Thank you B&B Communications for this review copy.

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