Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen, H. Norman Wright

I am a fan of H. Norman Wright and was excited to finally get this book. I am a mother of four children - and as all parents know each child is drastically different. My first was a difficult baby and toddler but by far exceeds maturity and grace at the age of ten. My next to youngest however was a "perfect" baby that turned into a difficult 3 and now four year old. His quick temper and angry outburst make it difficult to talk him through things. In fact both of my boys are somewhat this way. I become so used to being able to reason with my oldest, to explain consequences and know she would choose the right path that I was, and am still to a certain extent, thrown off balance with my boys and youngest feisty girl. Being thrown off balance I began to yell or slam my hand down on a surface to get attention - then I would threaten, threaten, threaten. Over and over my husband said to follow through - but honestly I stayed worn out as a stay at home mom and home school teacher. Seemed my whole day revolved around upheaval.

This book was excellent at bringing out solid points on communicating with each child on their terms while showing respect and getting getting respect for your authority. I enjoyed this book very much and have found it helpful - Though to be honest I am having to keep it handy for review and not shelved just yet.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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