Monday, September 12, 2011

Purging your House, Pruning Your Family Tree; Perry Stone

This book is long over due. Though there is much out there regarding the deliverance movement this book by far surpasses them all. I am most impressed with the fact that Perry Stone doesn’t just give a list of prayers but rather approaches this as a lesson in the spirit world. I think too often there is a great divide in believers – those who jump off deep into the spiritual realm without understanding it and those who just want to act as if there is not spiritual world. Either of these approaches is detrimental to the one doing so – One leads a person into a place of weakness, for denying that the enemy is there does not cause him to go away, while the other acts in pride and often without the full covering of Christ, taking on more that he is able.
This book explores the implications of generational curses, familiar spirits and spiritual manifestations. Although this very thing is what will cause many conservatives to put this book back on the shelf I would encourage that person to pick it up – they may be the one most in need of this very book. IF you have ever wondered why there are certain things you seem to battle more than others, or why you seem prone to certain things. IF you are looking at your family and wondering how you can change from the path set out, how you can be free from all that garbage. This is the book for you. I learned so much…In fact my FaceBook page was filled over the last few weeks with little quotes from this book. This is a wonderful, life changing book. I will be adding it to one that I recommend over and over in the ministry field and one that I will revisit often.

Thanks to Charisma House for this review copy.

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