Thursday, September 1, 2011

Safely Home, Randy Alcorn

Separated by the oceans two men live very different lives. Neither could know how the world had changed the other in the twenty years since they had been college roommates. Both lived lives unaware of the other in very different worlds.

Quan - a Chinese, Ben - an American. After twenty years the men find themselves together again in desperate situations that will test their faith and resilience. These times will tell the character and integrity of both men.

I am surprised Randy Alcorn would take on such a controversial subject such as this. In fact that is one reason I chose to read this book. After checking other reviews to see if this would be one that would interest me - my interest was immediately piqued. My husband is a seminary student and he has had class with Chinese students. They have openly talked about the persecution of Christians even sharing stories of having to meet under the ground in wet, cold caves for bible study. They told of fearful night meetings. It seems that this is a travesty the Chinese would like to keep hidden or would more like to keep a blind eye turned to. I applaud Alcorn's attempt to shed some light on a difficult subject, as I am sure it is somewhat difficult to research it. People are taught to love and defend their country, even hide or disguise its dark secrets and problems. In this book Alcorn explores this sensitive subject and exposes what faith under fire truly is. For it is in the midst of persecution that our baby faith is excercised and we begin to understand the magnitude of God's sustaining power and the depth of His unwavering love. Courage, mercy, forgiveness, love - these are the themes of this great book.

Thank you Randy Alcorn for such a fine work. Thanks you Tyndale for this review copy.

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