Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Virgen Mary in Light of the Word of God, Dr. Labib Mikhail

Far too long Mary has been put above her actual standing as an ordinary girl used my an Extraordinary God to accomplish an Amazing task - bringing into this world the Son of God. In fact before reading this my husband and I sat discussing the very fact that so many hold Mary in such high esteem, often taking her out of her actual roll and placing her in an exalted status. To still be a virgin this woman had only to become the bearer of the child of God (or in modern terms the surrogate mother). No part of Mary was in the Christ for if it were so then it would be against scripture as Mary herself was of the fallen creation and thus born into sin itself. Therefor she was the vessel God chose to use to accomplish a feat that had to be done in order to save this wretched state of mankind.

Dr. Labib Mikhail does an excellent job bringing out relevant scriptures to counter the current views of Mary and to set her in the correct place of mankind. There is nothing extraordinary about her except her willingness to be a part of something greater than herself. I found the book extremely informative and enjoyable to read. I look forward to more books by this author.

Thanks to the publisher Nordskog for this review copy.

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