Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Diary of a Teenage Girl: Becoming Me, Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson has tackled a generation of readers that is undeniably difficult to reach and understand. Life moves at such a fast, hectic pace, with so many decisions weighing teens down that we often become disconnected with our teens and they with us even in this technology driven society. However, when teens are seeking sound christian reading this series as well as Carlson's other teen series are just that. Melody Carslon directly addresses the issues of teenage years without apology or excuse and without adding fluff. She simply calls it what it is - good, bad or otherwise.

This book is no different. In it she addresses the issues that teens face as they wade through all the junk of teens years. Trying to make decisions that are good while sorting out all the stuff that this hectic life throws at you. It is written in a language that is sometimes difficult for adult readers to follow but is exactly what teens read. It amazes me that Carlson is so in touch with this age group that as I read it I felt like I was dealing with a teen caught in the angst of teen years. I had to really slow down at times and re-read things because the jargon or thought process seemed jumpy. However, teens read this as fluidly as all else in their lives because this is just how they are thinking. I appreciate how Carlson handles issues of faith and religion and how she acknowledges the struggles teens face in this very area while presenting the truth for them to grasp hold of.

An excellent book and series! If you have a teen this is a worthy investment. Even non-readers will pick this up just to see if they can relate. After all this is one of a teen's greatest searches - wanting to know they are not alone in these struggles and questions, these trials and doubts, these dark days.

Thank you Glass Roads Publications for this review copy.

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