Sunday, October 23, 2011

Letters to a Young Pastor, Calvin Miller

Calvin Miller has tackled a much needed subject that will be an encouragement to those young men entering the ministry field as well as older men in ministry that need encouragement and a good laugh.

Too often when men surrender to ministry they do so with open and somewhat naive hearts. They want to serve God so badly and they want to serve the flock that they often find themselves quickly overwhelmed by all that goes into this field. It is after all unlike any other field of work on this planet.

I remember when my husband entered this very field part time 14 years ago then full time 7 years ago. He poured over books by the greats. He labored through seminary with great excitement and endurance. He sought out mentors - that he soon found were not readily available. He drank in the wisdom and teachings of older pastors. In all this he would have loved to have had this book. When I saw that this was for review I immediately thought back to those days and requested the book for he and I to review together. My husband has a heart to help young men entering the ministry and currently mentors 3 young men at different levels. However, he is always looking for good resources to recommend to them.

This book was it. My husband became so excited in reading it that he came to me more than once talking to me about it. As I read it I loved the easy and personable style of Calvin Miller. He broaches all subjects with truth and love and an easy comical style that makes the book an enjoyable read. A young man in ministry can't help but find the wisdom that they thirst for and the encouragement they will desperately need when they become parched and overwhelmed by the work load of the pastorate. Also I have a great appreciation for Miller's approach to explaining the dangers and pitfalls that ministers will face. This is a treacherous field - and our enemy is on the prowl within the church walls to deceive those in service and cause them to fall. Miller seeks to give council and guidance with a great amount of tack and humor.

If you know of a young man who has surrendered to the call of ministry, is currently in seminary, is serving in the ministry - Buy this for them!

Thank You B&B Communications for this review copy.

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