Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Evangelism By Fire, Reinhard Bonnke, DD

This is not a book for those that seek a how to manual of "proven" tried and true methods for sharing the gospel. It is however, just the book if you are tired of the same old things. It is evident from the first page that Bonnke has a passion for reaching the world with the gospel. His heart is evident in every page and much of the writing stirs the fire within believers to begin to move the way the Lord would have us to move.

His statement "... an unpreached Gospel is no gospel at all." stuck with me throughout the book. Too often we see ministry outreach through the structure of denominational views and man-made rules. In this we limit God's amazing power to set the captives free and to take back that which the enemy has stolen. We get comfortable with methods that are supposedly tried and true and afraid of trying something bold and new on our own for fear of failure.

I for one am tired of being a boat sitter. I would much rather test the limits of water walking faith and see the power of God unleashed. Bold Christianity is needed in this day and age.

I encourage readers to pick up this book and be inspired to live beyond the box that you have become used to. Baptists in general may view this book as too charismatic - but is not that exactly what God is - a radical, world-changing, life up-turning, power un-leashing, miracle working God? Don't be satisfied in the luke-warm comfort zone of religious exercise instead run head long after the Lord and see His mighty works in the lives of many. Don't be satisfied sitting on the side-lines, find your place on the front lines. Don't be afraid of failure instead embrace the opportunity to experience God in all His richness.

Be inspired, be refreshed, be renewed in your evangelistic efforts - reach the world.

Thank you Charisma House for this review copy!

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