Tuesday, October 11, 2011

50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know, Kay West

The chic modern pink and white zig-zag cover with grey writing makes this book attractive to the eye. I was so excited to find a book on etiquette and manners that was both modern and timeless at the same time. It seems that there are many books that have been written on this subject but to bring them out is to bring out a huge book with depictions of the 1950's and seemingly old-fashioned, out of date ideas.

This book however, is the best I have seen. Instead of being a lengthy book of how-to's each section is short and to the point. I loved the fact that with each manner over and over the author repeats the phrase "A lady always..." or "A lady should.." or "A lady never/ought not to...." This hammers in the fact that we must reach for the goal of being a lady at all times. This simple art of being a lady was lost some where between the 1950's and the present time. However, in today's society is is what is needed.

Each section has what the manner is, why we should practice it, how we should practice and what we should not do/say and why. This makes it very simple. It ends each section with three or four statements of A lady always...., A lady should..., etc.

I think this would be an excellent book for any preteen girls birthday gift. One could include some small accessories such as ear-rings, perfume, lotion, nail care kits, etc. This would make a young girl aspire to become a great lady.

Thank you Kay West for undertaking this project! I appreciate your time and talent! As I have two daughters I can't wait to start going through this with my daughters - maybe by reading this book they will see that I am not alone in my expectations of what a lady ought to be.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson as a free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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