Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Jesus Experiment, Bill Perkins

Ready for a change in pace? Familiar with the WWJD? (What would Jesus Do Movement) based on a classical piece of christian fiction? Want something fresh and challenging? Are you willing to step out of the boat and out of your comfort zone and into something utterly amazing - a place where it is all about the Author of Creation?

This is the book for you. This 12 week study guides the participant through a series of questions that causes the reader to look at their own life in reference to the life of Jesus. In essence you are going to be challenged to become more aware of who Jesus truly was and how that should relate to your own life and what impact this knowledge ought to have. It will drive the reader to evaluate his/her life and change thought process to conform to the one in who's image we are made.

I believe this would be a great couples study in that it would challenge a married couple to dive more deeply into God's word and discover together what it means to follow Jesus. I believe it would create a closer spiritual relationship within the marriage because it will promote talking about what God is writing on the other one's heart and as you each individually look at your own lives and discuss the ramifications of the information presented you will also begin a journey together that will reshape your lives.

I think this too would be good for small groups or even a teen or youth study. Challenges are best met when we are accountable to others. If you go back and read the classical fiction piece "In His Steps" upon which the WWJD? movement was loosely based you will find that it is accountability to the challenge presented to live as Jesus that often was the final shove to do what should be done.

Exceptional book! Thanks to Bill Perkins for having the courage to walk the road then write a book.

Thanks to Tyndale for this review copy.

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