Friday, October 28, 2011

The Most Important thing You'll Ever Study, Starr Meade

This is the first book or curriculum of Starr Meade that I have had the chance to review. To say the least I am so very impressed. As a home school mom I am always on the look out for new bible curriculum that is affordable and will benefit my children in spiritual growth. Though I want my children to gain knowledge my ultimate goal in their schooling is spiritual stature and growth then knowledge. So when I begin to search out biblical curriculum I look for something that will cause them to dig deeper into the scriptures and seek the wisdom of God and the application of this to their lives so that they will begin to reflect His light in their life.

This is exactly what Starr Meade has done. Although I am sure that some will get this just to have the bible knowledge the bible study has the potential to be so much deeper. The way that Meade has set this study up causes the student to search scripture and really begin to understand the implications and applications of it. My children are a little young to begin this as they are only in 5th, 3rd, Kinder and Pre-K. However, I am going to work through the entire series on my own for my own personal benefit and make it my 6th grade required curriculum and maybe again in Junior High or High School.

Thanks to Crossway for this review copy.

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